My City Guide: 72 Hours in Los Angeles

When Lee suggested we go to Vegas, I finally relented on the basis that a) he’d been pestering me for at least two years and b) we just HAD to go to Disneyland. When was I ever going to be in that part of the States again? Plus, we love a mini road trip on holiday. 

Not only did we decide to do Disney, but we also decided to stay in LA for a few days and really make the most of our time there. 

Travel Tips

My Go-To Tools for Planning a Travel Adventure

I don’t know at what stage things changed, but these days booking a holiday isn’t just deciding where to go and getting the cheapest flights.

It’s a military mission.

Gone are the days where we’d book a week in Croatia and just see what happened. Now, we have a complete logistical nightmare trying to map every minute of every day to get the most out of our time away.

The decision to go to Disneyland turned into two weeks in Florida, a mini 3-night road trip, and two more day trips out of town.

Middle East

24 Hours in Dubai – How to Have a Whirlwind Adventure

I’m not know for doing things by halves…never have been. 

So when we knew we would be flying to South Africa for a friends’ wedding, and that the flight would likely include a layover, we were already looking for ways to extend that into a mini-trip. 

Between Doha and Dubai, we chose Dubai, simple because we know a lot of people who have been there before and had heard good things. 

Extended our 2-hour layover to 24 hours was one of the best, most exhausting and exhilarating decision we’ve ever made. I have never felt so tired in my life. 


The Literary Suburbs of Key West

This article originally appeared in Hayo Magazine

When my Lee suggested visiting Key West on our Florida holiday, I wasn’t all that excited. I mean, I hadn’t really heard of the place and didn’t know what was there.

It was only when I discovered its literary heritage, did I get excited. If you’re a book lover, I’d say this one of the most amazing places you can visit. Key West just oozes literary love affairs, starting with Hemingway. His house is in a prime location (and it’s massive!); the man had taste. It’s also fairly cheap to visit; a measly $13 entry and this includes an optional tour from one of the Hemingway house experts.


My City Guide: Stockholm in 48 Hours

This year, my Dad got married in Germany and so we decided to really make the most of our time abroad with a multi-city trip by train. As a result, we ended up touring one of the most beautifully rural places in the world: Scandinavia. 

After stretching our legs and testing the water in Copenhagen – you can get my Copenhagen city guide here – our journey continued into Stockholm. Travelling by train through Scandinavia is perhaps one of the easiest and cost-effective travel experiences I’ve ever had. Copenhagen to Stockholm was fairly straightforward and consisted of a train to Copenhagen airport, a train to Malmö where passports were checked, and then a straight train to Stockholm itself. It’s quite a long journey, with about 6 hours of travelling in total, but the trains were pretty comfortable – as comfortable as trains can be – with free Wi-Fi and an onboard café – their toilets weren’t too bad either. 


My City Guide: Copenhagen in 24 Hours

Copenhagen is one of those places that you always say ‘oh it would be nice to go there’ but it never really makes it any further up on your list of priorities. To me, most of the Scandinavian countries sit in the same boat, so this summer, I decided to tackle three countries in 8 days. 

Rather than fly into the beautiful city – which may have seemed like the logical way to travel – I travelled by train from Germany. This in itself was an amazing experience. A few hours on the train, followed by a short ferry ride from Puttgarden to Rødbyhavn and then another couple of hours on a different train – although the ferry ride was due to some sort of technical difficulty, because apparently the train actually goes over the water…on its own ferry.

Denmark Norway Sweden

Travelogue: My Time in Scandinavia

This article originally appeared on the blog Be for Beauty but has been updated here.

My dad got married this summer which was amazing. And so we decided to make the most of the opportunity of being abroad and embarked on an 8-day Scandinvaian tour to visit some of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Scandinavian stop #1: Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a beautiful city with a rich culture and one that is – I feel – often dismissed when it comes to travelling Europe. Generally speaking, people favour the hotter, more affordable destinations in Spain and Portugal. So this summer I decided to take on the challenge of touring Scandinavia, and my first stop was Copenhagen. 


My Experience at the Foyles Discovery Day

Many of you will know already that writing is my first love – it always has been and always will be. The more I travel, the more I want to document these adventures which allows me to combine my two greatest passions.

On Saturday, I travelled to London to take part in Foyles Discovery Day where I was able to pitch the novel I’ve been working on to a literary agent from Curtis Brown or Conville and Walsh, followed by a mini Q&A session with another agent.

For me, this is the height of excitement – and a real test of skill.

I decided to be extra prepared, so I put together the synopsis of my novel, printed out the first page and packed my bag the night before so I was all ready to go. Being me, I was secretly looking forward to the train journey, the ability to sit down and crack on with stuff I’d been meaning to do for a while, or continue reading the irresistible A Hundred Pieces of Me by Lucy Dillon – a great read I highly recommend.


Croatia: The Hidden Beauty of the Coast

This article originally appeared in Hayo Magazine

The Istrian coast is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. With Croatia’s uncertain history, it seems almost impossible that the country could harbour something so stunning. Rovinj, Poreć and Pula define the coastline and share a rich history – and this is where we were.

We stepped off the boat onto the Rovinj dock and cast our eyes towards the old town on the water. The pastel pinks and yellows of the buildings stood in stark contrast to the bright blue water.


  • The John Lewis Christmas ad has dropped so it’s officially Christmas now, right?!
This year’s character is #excitableedgar and I’m feeling torn. They’ve nailed the emotional side of things and it definitely brought tears to my eyes, but it didn’t feel all that Christmassy. I don’t know if it was the setting, the message, but really, it could be for any time of the year and for any event.
I’ve shared it in my stories if you’re interested and you’ve not seen it yet, plus a poll to see what everyone thinks.
We’ve got the Christmas light switch on this evening, so combined with the ad going live this AM, I’m taking that as a clear indication from the world that it’s perfectly acceptable to put my tree up this weekend 🙌 —
PHOTO: noticed @theivywinchester got its Christmas decorations out 🎄
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  • WHY IS IT SO COLD?! 🥶 —
Ugh, I am not impressed. If you’re in a warm place and want me to come live with you, please shout out. Will happily cook and clean for a warm living...
On another note, day 3 of the new routine has gone well 💪 and I’m currently working on my Cardiff blog(!)
PHOTO: Cardiff Castle in all its glory. Have you ever been?
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  • It’s starting to get just that little bit colder at the moment which tells me Christmas is definitely coming but I’m not enjoying being cold *take me somewhere warm(!)*
I’m trialling a new process to help with the blogging which involves getting up earlier in the morning...a 5.10am alarm is acceptable, right?
It’s day 2 of 2 and I’ve only managed it once so we’ll see how long this lasts...
Are you an early bird when it comes to getting things done? Or are you more of an evening owl?
PHOTO: I only have a few photos left from #Germany so gonna share as much #autumnvibes as I can before it all disappears 😩
PS. what is that face I’m pulling?! —
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  • Happy Friday! What are your weekend plans?
We’re going to be heading to the Winchester Bonfire Night tomorrow and then probably taking it easy on Sunday. We’ve had a busy few weekends the last couple so looking forward to taking some time out 😍
It’s also gotten a lot colder in the last 48 hours and I’m not happy about it. There was frost out this morning which is a sign of things to come and I hate being cold 😭
PHOTO: a rare photo with my Stepmum on the Dittmer Bruecke in Bad Fallingbostel. It was so nice to see family last weekend (especially as we hadn’t visited in over 2 years!)
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  • Happy Thursday! How’s your week going so far?
Anyone else loving these autumnal colours? 😍 🍁 —
PHOTO: a cheeky shot from our weekend in Germany. I was love the blue skies, crisp air and beautiful foliage. A winning formula, right?
  • We’re back! Happy Tuesday? How’s your week going so far?
We spent a long weekend visiting my Dad in Germany and had a great time. It was pretty chilled with loads of movies but we managed to squeeze in a few activities.
Here’s some highlights from the local Jahrmarkt which takes place every year. It’s just a little fun fair with a few rides, good food, and - my Dad’s favourite - a pub trailer 😂

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