8 Reasons Why a Beach Holiday is so Great

There always comes a moment when we’re at work and the sudden need for a holiday becomes very apparent. This is not your imagination but a basic human right. And with that thought, it’s time to think of where to go. This is the hardest part as the world is your oyster! Except for maybe the war-torn countries, let’s steer clear of those. But what type of holiday do you want? Are you looking for a skiing holiday? Maybe a camping one? You could go for a city break? Or you could go for a beach holiday? And here’s 8 reason why that last option is always the greatest.

  1. Sun. Sometimes I feel like I don’t see enough of it. If you live anywhere like where I am, then my wardrobe is 80% jumpers and cardigans and only 2% summer stuff. (The remaining 18% is trousers/pyjamas/underwear/accessories). My summer sun comes and goes within the space of about three days which leaves me with the persistent grey drizzle that is the British weather. No wonder I want to see some sun! I’m so used to cranking up the heating and functioning in low temperatures, I want to spend a week away sweating it out without a care in the world. Sun is the main ingredient in this list. How can you have a summer holiday with no summer sun?
  2. Sea. There’s something relaxing about being near the sea. An idyllic setting. The sea breeze which is light and salty. The incessant cawing of seagulls. Ice cream by the shore. And let’s face it, nothing beats a sunset over the water. But for me, it’s the peacefulness that comes in the early evening. You can sit by the water and enjoy the quiet, feel all your troubles simply melt away. Plus there’s loads to do and see. Who doesn’t want to hire a pedlo boat, a jet ski, or even go diving? Activities are always in plentiful supply.
  3. Sand. This is the true sign of a holiday. The beach. A place where relaxation is easy. And let’s make sure it’s proper sand, the white stuff. And if you don’t live by a beach then this will be more of a novelty than usual. Don’t forget that there’s loads to do. Rock pooling is a personal favourite. But nothing beats spreading a towel out on the sand, lying down and soaking up that sun.
  4. Palm trees. These exotic plants are a sign that you’ve escaped normal life. You might see them as you wander round and do a little bit of sightseeing but there are a must have on any holiday. A palm tree is a sign of paradise and luxury, no wonder they’re a must have on holiday!
  5. Sea breeze. It’s great being hot all the time, but you’ve got to have it in moderation. A salty sea breeze is the perfect antidote. Who wouldn’t want your hair gaining that beach babe look, all tousled. And the sea breeze is perfect for keeping your hair out of your face whilst you eat that delicious ice cream. But more importantly. It’s your friend during the tanning phase of your holiday. Instead of lying there, sunbathing and feeling like you’re melting into a puddle of water, a gorgeous sea breeze will lower the intensity just a notch, whilst still letting you bronze!
  6. Boats are cool. Let’s face it. Have you ever walked passed a luxury yacht and found yourself desperately wanting one? That’s because boats are cool. The ability to hire a speedboat, or go on a relaxing cruise. Boats give a sense of freedom like no other, one that is mingled with adventure. They’re also quite peaceful, even when you’re not on them. Lying on the beach or sitting at a café and watching the boats sail past in all their different sizes and shapes, it brings a sense of tranquillity.
  7. We’re so busy, doing nothing is great. Most days slip away from us because we’re so busy. Getting up for work, coming home. Barely enough time o have dinner and do a chore or two before it’s late enough to go to bed and repeat it all the next day. So when we finally get the hard-earned holiday, bliss is the only way to describe it. Having a more leisurely pace to your days is the true characteristic of a beach holiday. Enjoying the do-nothing feeling of lying on the sand allows the full force of relaxation to hit you.
  8. Contrast to UK. Let’s face it, beaches in any other part of the world are a significant improvement to the drab British seaside. Don’t get me wrong, we all love time in the amusements but when the beach is made of rocks instead of sand, and the water is so cold you wouldn’t dare to think of getting in it. You long for some hotter climate where a beach is a beach.

So it’s time to book your summer vacation and you know that a beach holiday is where it’s at. How can you possibly argue?

Do you have your own reasons why beach holidays are great? Let me know by commenting below!


  1. Valerie Dickenson 9th November 2015 at 10:08 am Reply

    Sitting in bed, watching the wind and rain, A beach holiday sounds like a good idea. If only I didn’t have to work!

    • Natasha Orme 9th November 2015 at 10:57 am Reply

      Ha, I know. Thought it would be a good time to post this one considering we’re all starting to suffer from post-summer blues. I have a Florida holiday booked next year and just can’t wait!

  2. Patricia Salamone 9th November 2015 at 12:20 pm Reply

    Hello from Florida :o)…Yes, I live in Florida, sunshine, palm trees, ocean breezes and plenty of beach. Originally I hail from New York, but about 25 years ago we moved south. No we do not get snow at Christmas and there are hurricanes to contend with, but all in all I enjoy living here. If I feel like being in the change of seasons I can take a 3 or 4 hour ride to Mt. Dora. We spent the holiday’s there a few years ago and it snowed too. Of course there is always the Keys with the shops, clubs and the most gorgeous sunsets. The seafood is delicious, the people are friendly and the weather is always great. So as they say com’on down, we’ll be waiting. :o)

    • Natasha Orme 9th November 2015 at 1:09 pm Reply

      Hello! Ah I’m so excited and cannot wait! We’re staying in Orlando and then taking a trip down to Miami and Key West for a few days – hopefully we’re gonna get to go to Daytona too. It definitely beats the typical UK drizzle and wind! Literally so excited, I’m investing in a new camera so I can take full advantage of those gorgeous sunsets you mention 😉

  3. gmroeder 20th November 2015 at 4:48 am Reply

    Aaah, – yes, beach holidays are great. My dream holidays have all been to be on one of the Hawaiian isles. Or cruise ships in the Caribean. The nice thing about cruise ships – you get to see a lot of different places. And then dream of one you want to go back to for an extended holiday. Funny thing about you, Natasha: I feel as if I know you. Probably because your blogs are so inviting that “I am alongside you.” You’ll find blogs about Hawaii and cruising and others…on my website http://www.giselleroeder.com

    • Natasha Orme 20th November 2015 at 8:01 am Reply

      I think you’re on to something with a Cruise holiday, the lover won’t ever stop talking about how great they are! SO 2017 looks like it will be a Cruise 🙂 Thanks so much! That really means a lot. I always try and give an honest connection to anyone who might stumble across this website…I’ll check yours out too 😉

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