Writing Wednesday: Author Interview

MK WisemanAuthor Name: M.K. Wiseman

Website: http://mkwisemanauthor.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/FaublesFables/

Twitter Handle: @FaublesFables

Title of Novel: The Bookminder

Q1. How long have you been writing? And what was the first thing you can remember writing?

Writing seriously? About three years. Writing that was mainly scribbles and half-plots? Maybe ten years.

The first thing I can remember writing…. whew, that’s tough. Because I could go back to those contests in grade school where you try to get a story into the local library. That was fun. Wrote a lovely little story about a woman who just couldn’t find the right coat for the winter.

Q2. Did you always want to be a writer?

Writer – no. Storyteller – yes.

I’ve an animation/video background. I’ve always been an avid reader, but films have long been near and dear to my heart. But then one day I started writing and kind of got hooked. I think it’s the stand-in for my not having pursued animation professionally.

The Bookminder by MK WisemanQ3. How did you feel when you were writing this book?

Another tough one. Any number of emotions. Relief- like the book is my mind giving a big exhalation. Fear- what if I think it’s great fun but nobody else enjoys it? Exhaustion- I never had any idea I could write something this lengthy and actually keep track of what I’m doing. Some days, working with my editors feels like going to a board meeting. Happiness- I think it turned out better than I originally envisioned.

Q4. How long did it take to write?

The climax of the story comes out of one really vibrant dream I had in 2004. It stuck with me and wouldn’t leave me alone until I’d worked it all out and wrote it down. So, in fits and starts, I’d been playing with this idea for about ten years when it was picked up for publication.

Q5. Do you have a special place where you go to write?

I have a “writing chair.” It’s a large, overstuffed, bright red/orange recliner. That’s my “don’t even think of disturbing me” corner. It’s an escape.

It feels a bit like when you’re little and you’re playing tag and there’s a “safety” spot. I can come up with anything there and don’t have to worry if the ideas are half-baked.

Q6. When you begin writing, did you ever think you’d get to where you are now?

Heck no. I’m as surprised as any that I’m actually having a novel put out there. I was sort of just playing around when I had 3 short stories picked up; I never dreamed that I would really have a book on my shelves that I wrote. I write mostly for me… what I want to read… I look at my bookshelves and say “what’s missing?” and try to fill that gap. I think this book actually does that pretty well.

Thanks M.K.! It’s amazing to hear about your struggles as a writer and your new book looks great! Wishing you all the best for your future writing….

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