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Ronnie Wilson is a failed businessman and amid the 9/11 terror, he sees an opportunity to reinvent himself. 6 years later, Roy Grace is involved in the discovery of a skeleton in a storm drain that leads him on the most dangerous mission yet.


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This was the first time I’d ever picked up something by Peter James. In fact, the first time I’d even heard of him. Now I’m not sure where the book came from, to be honest I have too many for me to remember them all, but it was definitely second hand – as many of mine usually are. That didn’t stop me from becoming a life-long convert.

Dead Man's Footsteps by Peter JamesOkay so maybe life-long is a bit over-dramatic considering that this is the only one I’ve read, however I am convinced that I will one day own every book he has ever written and pride myself on it.

Before I talk about the book though, I just want to mention that one reason why I love this guy’s work so much is because he never loses touch with it. His Facebook account is filled with geuine responses to his fans and pictures of his every day life, his research, and his dog. His Instagram account is updated occasionally with real life pictures of a writer in the flesh, and even when you email him – he replies! There’s no fifty-man strong team to get through to speak to the author, there’s no hoards of PR people who say you can’t possibly make contact. There’s a real down to earth individual who genuinely cares – and I don’t think there are many of those out there.

I apologise if I’m singing too many praises but I just can’t get over how much I like this guy and his work, but let’s get back to the book. So this was the first time I’d ever read about the falling of the twin towers in a book. I’ve seen Remember Me, which was very poignant but I’ve never read about the event in fiction so I was shocked by James’ talent to recreate a significant piece of recent history.

I was genuinely touched by his skill at capturing the shock and sheer devastation of the event through the eyes of his character. I couldn’t put it down and then when I did put to down, I couldn’t help but googling some video footage and marvelling at his accuracy. The idea of stamp trading in the main narrative was brilliant and a really unique way of dealing – something I hadn’t ever come across.

I loved the different threads of the story and how they eventually came together in a way that you least expected. I felt James kept you on your toes and kept you guessing as to how it would all pan out. I remember at one – when we take a brief trip to Australia – I thought to myself, how the hell does this fit in?!

There’s another James book on my tbr list and I just cannot wait to get round it.

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