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When Garda Sergeant Mike West and his partner, Garda Andrews, are called to a suspicious death they are shocked to find the small body of a child abandoned in a suitcase. Who is she? No child has been reported missing. Their search reaches outside Ireland involving other forces but without success and soon another dead body takes their attention. There is a surfeit of suspects this time but as the case evolves, the two detectives are stunned where it leads.

Meanwhile, someone is making trouble for Kelly Johnson, and she is forced, eventually, to ask West for help.

Can West sort personal problems and professional cases and restore peace to Foxrock?



When you’ve read a lot of books by a single author, it gets to the stage where you really question if they can keep the next one fresh. A prime example of this is James Patterson who’s written something like 150 books so far. (Let’s ignore the fact that he co-authors all of them these days.)

Having read the first book in the Garda West series, That One May Smile, and then the subsequent books: Close Ranks and Murder on Clare Island, I was really intrigued to find out what was in store next for Mike West and Kelly Johnson.

I was not disappointed.

Keogh has this amazing ability to create fresh, new storylines that twist and turn throughout the book. Not only is she brilliant at plot, but her characterisation alone is brilliant. Throughout the whole series we’ve seen the relationship of Mike and Kelly develop and evolve and by book number four, we’re still seeing conflict and change in their characters. (Something that might even rival James Patterson’s skills…)

I know without a shadow of doubt that every time I pick up one of Keogh’s books, I won’t be able to put it down and Death in Foxrock was no different. But what I liked most about this story was the many intertwining plot lines that happened simultaneously. You never lose sight of what each characters are up to, or what’s happening, or what the latest twist is and these takes a very careful balancing of elements which is truly admirable.

Even by the end of the book, it simply wasn’t enough and I desperately wanted to know what was next for our police hero and the strong-willed damsel who constantly gets caught up in it.

If you’re looking for a new crime writer to follow, or you simply want a good read, then Keogh is the ideal author. I’m a big fan of her work, and love each and every book she’s written. You can take a look at my other reviews of this series here:


  1. Valerie Keogh 25th November 2017 at 1:52 pm Reply

    Thanks so much for this great review, Natasha, I love writing this series and have many an adventure in store for the duo.

    • Natasha Orme 27th November 2017 at 8:05 am Reply

      My pleasure, Valerie – I can’t wait to read what happens next 🙂

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