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Hotel Review: Muthu Clumber Park Hotel and Spa, Nottinghamshire

Last weekend we spent some time visiting family and friends in the midlands. And whenever we do go to visit, we like to stay in a hotel that’s not too far away.

We chose Clumber Park primarily because of its location – it was only a five-minute drive from my nan’s – but also because of it’s spa facilities and pool.

The room

Our room was pretty nice at first glance. We’d only booked their basic double room and it was a good size, clean and nicely furnished. The added touch of snacks in the fridge definitely put a smile on our faces and we were only too glad to drop our bag and collapse on the huge double bed.

The bathroom was okay but it was in obvious need of refresh; the silicone around the bath needed re-doing and the bath itself was showing some wear and tear.

All-in-all it was a really nice room. I’ve definitely stayed in worse. For the price we paid, it was pretty good value for money but just needed touching up in places. Considering it’s a sought after wedding venue, I wouldn’t be surprised if a refurbishment is on the cards in the next few years.

The facilities

The hotel offered free parking and considering it’s location, this was no surprise. There was more than enough space for all the guests – even with a Saturday wedding we were never wanting for a car space.

It had it’s own restaurant with a good looking menu, albeit slightly pricey for us, and a lounge/bar area with a TV screen where we spent some time watching the football.

All the communal areas were nicely done with loads of cost little spaces for guests to sit and unwind. I loved the comfy seating arrangements they had dotted all over the place that really made you feel like you could take some time out.

The staff

I wouldn’t go so far to say the staff went above and beyond, but they were all pleasant enough. Everyone was pretty friendly and the service they offered was good, nothing outstanding but then we didn’t have any particular requirements.

The spa

This was probably by far my favourite part of the hotel and I could have easily spent all weekend here. With more comfy seating areas, cut little tables and a coffee bar, this was a great space.

I actually booked myself in for a facial which was just what I needed. The atmosphere in the spa treatment rooms was instantly relaxing and you could just feel all your troubles melt away. The beautician who did my facial was nice and calm and it was the fastest 25 minutes I’ve ever lived through.

We did also get the opportunity to try out the pool which was well maintained and the perfect size for the hotel. They had sauna and steam rooms and an outdoor hot tub too, although it was a little too cold for me to brave the outdoors.


Overall, the cost for the hotel was pretty good. It averaged about £45pppn which isn’t too shabby.

The drinks at the bar were a little on the expensive side considering the location but then at the end of the day, it is still a hotel.

My spa treatment was a bargain (£22.50 for a 25-minute facial) and I think there was a discount in there because we were staying at the hotel (normally £30).

Would I recommend?

Yes. We’d definitely stay again next time we’re up that way. I don’t know if I’d go specifically to visit the hotel, but it was perfect for our needs and the added bonus of a spa and pool really made it worthwhile. Hopefully they have plans in the work to update some of their areas and then I think they’ll be the ideal staycation.

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