19 Awesome Writing Tips

How many blog posts have I read that tell me how to blog? God knows! And how many have actually helped me? Maybe one or two.  Yes, that’s the bitter truth.  Blogging is almost not worth it.  Those amazing break-throughs that happen to people with millions and millions of followers all have one thing in common:

They’re famous.

Now I’m not talking celebrity.  And I don’t even mean they’ve been on TV.  But somehow they’re renown in their field and the nuts and bolts question is; how the hell did they get there?

Some, or should I say most, have been published, and not just with any old publisher, but try the classics: HarperCollins, Penguin, Random House (also Penguin) and they’ve reached the number one bestseller list somewhere in the world. And if you step away from the fiction, these people have written how-to and self-help books on topics that cover everything under the sun.

How infuriating.

I’m sending all my time blogging, pouring my heart and soul into this for what?

Good question.

I did have a eureka moment.

A moment when I found a secret weapon to make sure other people read my work.  Now when I say 1,000 readers, that’s 1,000 on top of those already subscribed to my blog, on my mailing list, following me on social media and Twitter. I’m talking one thousand extra readers and in only two weeks.

Too good to be true?

Yeah I’d probably agree with you.

So here’s how I did it…

I discovered the blogging platform Medium.  I was at a point where I thought I’d give anything a try.  And I mean anything. I uploaded one or two articles and provided links back to my website.  But it didn’t really do much.  I can safely say not a single person read those articles.  And I thought I’d picked the best ones!

I abandoned the idea.

But I did come back to it.  It might have been a couple of months later but I felt this time I was wiser so I would keep posting my blogs on there after they’d appeared on my website and see where it would take me.  I’m not gonna lie, not much happened.  Maybe one or two reads and that was it.  I mean what the #!*5&#.  How could my stuff go unnoticed? It was current, on trend, tagged right and everything! How could I get lost in such a vast sea of so many?

So in my despair I was browsing the site and came across something called publications.  Interesting.  I set one up just to get a feel of what it was like.  This looked good. Added a few of my posts and hey presto I had an online magazine ready for anyone that wanted it.  A couple of days went by and there wasn’t much going on. I’d had maybe a handful of followers.

So I decided to browse the rest of the site.  You know me, not one for giving up.  So I browse and browse and find all these amazing articles about writing, about how to do it, about how to blog, about how to reach your reader.  Well this is just the sort of thing I need.  Well guess what I found then? That’s right, a request button.

I was shocked to find that I could request these articles to appear in my publication.  I thought that was too good to be true! These writers had thousands and thousands of followers, there’s no way they’d want to appear in my puny little publication with 5 followers. But I thought it was worth a try.  I sent of my requests and within moments had positive responses.  These writers were submitting their work to me.  Voila! Something was finally going right.

A little tweaking here, a little tweaking there and I had a publication filled with some of the best stuff on Medium with the some of the best, most followed, writers. Now it was a waiting game and I could barely believe my eyes.  Within a day my publication had jumped to over a hundred followers.  That’s pretty good, I said to myself.  Then after another day it jumped up even higher.  Each day was astounding as the follower count kept going higher and higher.

That’s right, within 2 weeks I’d reached 1,000 followers.  1,000 unique, fresh readers that were interested in my articles.  Well mine and these other people.  Great start.

So now, every week, I update the list of articles, request new ones, accept new submissions, mix my own stuff in there too and I can tell you I’ve now reached 3.3 thousand followers. I won’t lie, it has been neglected recently.  But it’s amazing to know that as soon as I update it (which I promise will be this week) I’ll be able to immediately reach out to 3.3 thousand readers.


  1. The Story Reading Ape 31st August 2015 at 1:23 pm Reply

    Personally Natasha, I’d be wary about anyone else:
    ***Updating my Profile***
    Reading Tweets from my timeline.
    See who I follow, and ***follow new people***
    ***Update my profile***
    ***Post Tweets for me***
    See my email address

    • Natasha Orme 1st September 2015 at 8:41 am Reply

      Hi, I’m a little confused, in what context would you be concerned about these things?

      • The Story Reading Ape 1st September 2015 at 9:27 am Reply

        Someone else other than me controlling my output Natasha – a wrong type of posting can ruin reputations…

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