How to Save Time and Blog for the Future

Are you a regular blogger? Do you post whenever you get the time? Are you looking to increase the number of people visiting your site but don’t know how?

I think there is one thing you’re probably doing wrong and that’s posting in the present.

Now I’ve worked with WordPress, Squarespace and Blogger and they’re all capable of what I’m about to talk about.

There’s a secret trick with these blogging platforms (and I’m sure with many others too) that allows you to post in the future and by secret, I mean it’s right there but we just don’t seem to see it! I’m included in that too because in all honesty, it took about a year of owning my Squarespace platform before I realised it was there, and I only just realised you could do the same on Blogger! Shameful I know, but I’ve been using this handy tool for over a year and you should be too.

You might be thinking: Why should you? And it’s a valid question.

How does your current blogging schedule work? Do you upload stuff as and when you write it, hopefully get round to it maybe once a week or fortnight? Maybe you even upload multiple posts at once just so the page looks active?

I promise you you’re missing an amazing blogging tool and it’s right there in front of you.

It’s call scheduling.

Simple, right? You may have noticed it before and never used it. Or even thought that it wasn’t worth it, but you really do need to take another look.

Once you’ve written your post, and you’re ready to hit ‘Publish’ just pause and take a look around. On WordPress you’ll find ‘Edit’ next to the date and time. This is where you need to be.

Say you take a two hour period every fortnight and you manage to write three blog posts. (I’d say 45 minutes is a good amount of time, especially if your post involves a little research.) Those three blog posts can cover three weeks and hey presto you have some breathing space, coupled with excellently staggered and regular content.

And who knows, you may be able to stretch those two hours a fortnight to two hours a week and double your output, resulting in scheduling more often or further into the future.

So let’s briefly cover the important stuff in between me waffling:

  • Stagger your content in the future with your scheduling tool
  • Schedule into the future my editing the time and date you want it to go live
  • Improve and increase your output
  • Create a more regular rhythm to your blog

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