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After returning to her house and discovering her lover has been murdered in her home, Miranda finds herself the number one suspect. once released on bail – paid by someone who wishes to stay anonymous – Miranda begins to think someone is trying to kill her.


WRLoW Star Rating

WRLoW Star RatingWRLoW Star RatingWRLoW Star RatingWRLoW Star Rating



I won’t be ashamed to say that I pick books up based on their front covers. Or if they come recommended and my number one rule is Don’t read the blurb.

Sinful, I know. But I can’t stand reading the blurb and then knowing what the hook of the story is going to be. I spend the first however-many-pages waiting for that big moment to happen, and for me it just ruins the experience.

I’m not sure what I expected when I picked this book up, but it definitely wasn’t what I got. I decided to start reading it on a Sunday evening – during the advert breaks on TV (yes I’m that much of a bookaholic) – and found myself gripped from page one. Before I knew it, I’d read twenty pages. And then I’d reached fifty.

I was quite shocked really as I’d really thrown caution to the wind and hadn’t watched any TV at all! I glanced at the spine, you know, to see how far into the book I was, and couldn’t believe that I was almost a quarter of the way through! Honestly, who was this woman?

After googling Gerritsen and browsing her Twitter, I was surprised to find she was the renowned writer of Rizzoli and Isles. If you’ve never heard of the famous duo, you clearly don’t watch enough American crime drama – I suggest you spend a week watching all the programmes on Alibi and then come back, you’ll be a whole new person.

The most amazing thing about this book was its simplicity. Something that I think every crime writer aspires to – an uncomplicated, straight forward plot that really doesn’t require anyone other than those present (i.e. no morgue, no forensics, no expertise). Don’t get me wrong, Gerritsen does display her impressive medical knowledge throughout, but we’ve abandoned the Kay Scarpetta of Crime Fiction for a normal, ordinary person – not even a detective insight. And to make the whole scenario even more amazing, we’re in an isolated village with limited characters. Really, we’re going back to basics here.

I was in utter awe of her writing style. Needless to say, I devoured the book in 3 days and all I wanted was to read another. Life-long convert right here. Honestly I can’t rate this book enough.

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