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Mr Hopper, butler to Earl of Cosgrave has pretty much given up on ever finding that special person in his life that is, until he meets Beverley.

Beverley has got herself into a pickle, a pickle that goes by the name of Joshua. She’s all set to run away from the ballet competition at Blackpool’s Winter Garden’s and then she meets Hopper…


Set on the last day of Operation Dynamo, the civilian evacuation of Dunkirk, Sally and her grandfather wait in vain for the return of her brother, Robert. She decides to give fate a shake-up and sets out in their 20 foot houseboat when Captain William Darty of the East Lancashire Regiment comes to her aid…


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So if you’ve been reading my book reviews for the last year, then you’ll notice I’m not really one for plays, poetry or short stories.

If I want to read, I want a novel. Too much time at University analysing the meaning of short stories has somewhat dampened the joy of it a little. But reading Jenny O’Brien’s short stories has rekindled my love for short and sweet romance.

Her two short stories; Rescuing Robert and Englishman in Blackpool are great little snippets that you really feel sucked into.

Rescuing Robert

This story is a standalone, and is set during the Second World War when troops were trying to retreat from Dunkirk. During a rescue mission to save her brother Robert, Sally meets someone who might just change everything.

I’m not going to give anything away. But I did really enjoy this story and was surprised at how attached I felt to the characters. It was a testament to her skill in crafting endearing characters and a well thought-out storyline.

Englishman in Blackpool

Her other short story works as a supporting story to her Englishwoman series. If you’re familiar with these books already then you’ll recognise the character Hopper from Englishwoman in Paris.

This story, however, takes us back in time to when Hopper was an almost young man, and when he meets Beverley. If you’ve read Englishwoman in Paris, then you know how this ends. If you haven’t, I suggest you hurry up because you’re seriously missing out – and no, I’m not going to give it away.


Both of these stories are great little reads that are enough to lift your spirits. If you have a spare hour or two and you want to something that will warm your heart, then I would highly recommend taking a read of either – or even both(!) – stories.

Plus, all the proceeds go to charity, so you’ll be doing some good as well!

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