My clients are always my first priority which means that I work hard to give the quality of service they deserve.  I enjoy discussing their projects and being able to help bring them to life.  If you don’t believe me, see what they have to say here…

I have just finished my third book and have used Natasha Orme as my editor for all three. I have no hesitation in recommending her, particularly on the developmental aspect as her intuitive view is a great balance to an author’s natural tendency to run on. Natasha works with the author, allowing their natural style to remain whilst giving a steadying hand to guide whilst not crushing individual style. She is always on hand to discuss and support, constantly going the ‘extra mile’.

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As a debut novelist I had my finished manuscript and was realistic in the sense of it needing a good once over. I researched and enlisted the help of Natasha and now have a truly workable novel that has been improved with her expert help.

The process was very dynamic and I received the manuscript back from Natasha within a reasonable period with highlighted grammar and punctuation changes but also with suggested improvements and detailed notes/comments relating to the POV (Point of view), storyline, characters etc. These pointers were so useful and opened a completely new perspective to me in terms of further developing, re-writing and improving the plots and overall story.  I also received some great positive feedback regarding the story.

The process didn’t however end there as having made significant changes I chose again to run these by Natasha who fine tuned and submitted back to me encouraging notes with a final proofread and changes.

Anyone reading this who has written a first book or more knows that an independent review of everything is vital, Natasha provides a constructive and experienced viewpoint and is always willing to take a call to discuss and advise.

I am already working on book number 2 and will definitely be asking Natasha to help me again and would certainly recommend Natasha when it comes to editing, proofreading and genuine insight to a project.

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I have been working with Natasha for the best part of a year now. She has edited about nine complete works and I have been very happy with the level of editing and insight she has provided on my writing. In addition, I have found her to be efficient, reliable and easy to contact.

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I resisted hiring an editor, self-publishing my first five novels with only friends to point out problems. With my sixth novel almost finished, I decided it was time to get serious about my writing so checked around and finally decided to contact Natasha. It was a lucky day for me. I sent her my finished novel and she promised to have it back to me within three weeks. A few days later, I had an e-mail to say how much she was enjoying it which really pleased me. I didn’t have to wait three weeks for the returned novel, it came back within two. Natasha suggested some changes to sections that didn’t work too well; she picked up a discrepancy in the time-line that I hadn’t noticed and pointed out quite a few times when I repeated the same word. And of course she picked up all the typos and spelling errors that had escaped me. I spent two days doing the changes she suggested and correcting words etc. I sent her back a chapter I’d rewritten and she read it and sent it back with only one comment – repeating the same word again.

I am so happy with the final novel, and this time I know I am putting out a novel that is the best it can be.

I have started my next novel and hope it will be finished by early summer. This time the choice is already made – I’m using an editor again. And it is definitely going to be Natasha.

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Natasha carried out a structural edit on my book. She was friendly, approachable and communication was great. The job was done quickly and efficiently with detailed analysis. Her advice and encouragement gave me the confidence to take the next step and publish, once the amendments had been made. I would recommend her to any writer, especially one like me; just starting out. Thanks Natasha.

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Natasha’s efficient, talented, smart and a joy to work with – she handled my website redesign with real flair!

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Weeke Community Centre used Natasha to update and redesign our website. Natasha was professional and helped massively. She knew exactly what we wanted and what we needed and created a fantastic website for us. We would definitely recommend Natasha to anyone! Thank you!

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Natasha did a superb job of telling me what I needed to do to make my novel better. Her advice didn’t hold anything back and I could see she had spent a lot of time of the project. The notes she supplied were very comprehensive and clear. I will certainly be working with her again for my second novel and beyond.

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I would highly recommend Natasha as an editor.

I found Natasha on the Hampshire Writer’s Society website as part of the Committee and contacted her via her website

English is my third language so I desperately needed a professional Editor for my memoir/biography. Her price was very affordable and reasonable, in fact I felt she over-delivered.

Natasha gave me 100% commitment. She was reliable and delivered an excellent service.

I was confident in her abilities. She is very mature and professional and I would not hesitate to contact her again for future projects.

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[Job: To provide Marketing Consultancy] Natasha’s work for us has always been sharp, incisive, and inspired. We’re getting many inquiries, hits and pageviews for winchesterunibookshop.com, and this is *not* something we could have achieved on our own. Natasha understands our work, which informs her work for us, and so we highly recommend her.

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