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Hiring new employees is always hard.  Finding the perfect candidate can take a while but maybe it’s time to stop focusing on the experiences that people have and start looking at their attributes. Information can always be taught whereas it’s much harder to teach someone to be more of a team player when they don’t have any confidence.

The writer is often overlooked as being whimsical and useless but it turns out that true writers have much more to offer:


Writers will always strive to better themselves.  To improve their written work and perfect it.  They want to climb the ladder and become published (or publish again).  They are never satisfied with simply one piece of work but will set out to create another. Ambition in the workplace improves morale and creates a harmonious environment to increase productivity.


The ability to put words on paper and then show them to the world is a fear-defying endeavour. A true writer will stand up for their work and support its lifecycle.  It’s one thing to give a presentation but it’s another to be judged by what you’ve written. Writing is always classified as very personal so the ability to share it is not only a mark of confidence but bravery.


When a writer begins work whether it’s a piece of fiction or non-fiction, their aim is to tell the truth.  They will create an image that is as close to the real thing as possible.  This is the most basic form of honesty and it is something that comes naturally to writers. As a result, the characteristics of their writing is an inherent personality trait.

Detail orientated

Writing is only part of the challenge and editing is the next step, but someone committed to their cause will ensure that their red pen is painstakingly slow and ruthless to deliver the highest quality of work they can. The subtle parts of a text are more powerful, so a writer in tune with words will be focused on detail.


Despite publication, most writers are modest about their work and will very rarely exaggerate or display it with arrogance.  They don’t mind people reading it but may not necessarily applaud the work itself whilst secretly feeling pleased. A sense of modesty is very valuable in any employee, especially when required to work in close knit teams.


To be able to write consistently takes discipline and dedication to something that the author believes worthwhile. The deliverance of more than one piece of writing for publication shows an adherence to deadlines and a commitment to the topic at hand. If you find a writer enthusiastic about a job role, chances are they’ll be able to deliver on time.


Collaborating a creative team can be close to impossible and when you find that fresh and inspiring ideas are hard to come by, the talents of a writer will become very useful.  With experience in flexing the mind to produce unusual and different concepts, a writer will provide a fresh perspective on any project.

I think it’s time to stop considering what people know and begin to think about what they could contribute. By becoming more flexible in our hiring approach, it will open up the door to potential employees that have more to offer than we realise.  A writer is only one example of many that prove they have hidden worth.

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