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Writing has been my passion for as long as I can remember. Even at the age of six, I was making up stories and writing sequels to my favourite movies. Content creation has been a big part of my life for a while now and I’ve worked with a number of different businesses, including some big-name brands such as Indeed, Jaguar and Hootsuite.


My current project is a Crime Thriller:

Stacey James is a new worldwide sensation.  Her Formula 1 career has taken a tremendous leap in the right direction and suddenly, all eyes are on her.  But there’s someone out there that’s not too happy about her new-found fame.  Can they be stopped before it’s too late?

The first draft was completed as part of NaNoWriMo 2015.

Critical analysis took place at the 2016 Winchester Writer’s Festival.

Beta readers reviewed the full manuscript in 2019.

Manuscript is now complete and looking for representation.

Guest Travel Blogging

For Ponder the Wander (this website is no longer live):

  • Guide to Scandinavia: How to Do Copenhagen
  • Guide to Scandinavia: A Quick Trip to Stockholm

For Hayo Magazine:

For Be for Beauty:

The Logical Traveler

A World to Travel

Content Strategies

I produced a full content strategy for Red17, a print and signage company,  on a monthly basis between 2016 and 2018.

I produced between 8 and 12 blogs per month for Cells4Life, a stem cell research company in Dubai, between 2016 and 2018.

As a Content Manager at Inbox Insight, I create content strategies for big brands every day, including B2B household names such as; Sitecore, Indeed, Glint, Dropbox, DocuSign.

Film reviewer: GoGuide Magazine

I wrote for GoGuide Magazine for two years (2011-2013), covering the majority of their film corner. This ranged from simple reviews and critics to more in-depth and specialist articles analysing the film industry as it stands and some of the greatest directors currently populating the big screens.

Although I’m sad to say that the magazine is no longer published, their previous editions are still available here.

Novel: The Embrace of Silence

published by Any Subject Books 2012-2015 (this is no longer available)

Meet Jocelyn. A unique girl, fluent in sign language and deaf to the world. She embraces life and enjoys every second.  She has a loving, caring family and dotes upon her little sister Helen.

A normal day at school will change her life when she meets Josh. A troubled youth, isolated by his own family finds comfort in Jocelyn’s friendship.

Whisked into a world of romance, they live for each other’s company but tragedy will test them and their faith in each other.  It’s time to decide if this is true love or not.

Praise for The Embrace of Silence

JBronder – 5 star

Jocelyn is a typical teenager with a couple exceptions. Her mother died a while ago and she has had to step up and be a parental figure for her younger sister, Helen, and she is deaf. While at school one day, new kid Joshua comes into class. She is instantly drawn to him with his stuttering sign language and his sadness. Jocelyn steps up and does things that help Joshua come out of his shell and start loving life, then he is gone without any explanation. Feeling abandoned, Jocelyn goes on with her life until Joshua unexpectedly returns and ignores her. Then Helen is really sick and Jocelyn doesn’t know what to do, how she can help, or even how she can handle all the pressure.

 I really liked this story. When I learned about Joshua my heart broke. This poor kid was just abandoned with no one being able to take the time to work with him or just simply show that they care. Jocelyn is a strong character and I really liked her, she could be a great role model. She has to go through some grief but she is so strong that she just keeps going.

This is a great young adult romance with a wonderful ending. This is one book that you don’t want to miss.

Article: The Craftsman

In 2012, my very first finished article was published by the REME magazine the Craftsman in their June 2012 edition. This is an army magazine available to those in the regiment by worldwide subscription. The magazine ships overseas to all corners of the world and featured my article One Military Brat which detailed life in one of the very few military boarding schools still in the UK.

There are no electronic versions of each magazine but current copies can bought from here.

A Race for Time: The Sun Boat

self-published for family friends

Megan and Danny are two regular orphaned teens that get thrown into a mysterious world of magic and human transformations.  After discovering where they really come, the magical Whandai school becomes their true home where they make friends and finally feel like they belong. But when the balance is threatened by greed, they embark upon an unforgettable journey to save the world, testing their loyalty to one another.

This book was available for a limited time on Amazon as a gift for family and friends.  It is still available from other sellers.

Praise for The Sun Boat

Sue – 5 Star

I bought this book for my son and he loves it, now his sister is waiting for it but I don’t think he is going to put it down so may need to get her one as well!

Rosie – 5 star

This is a great read and should be on every 12 to 14 year old’s Christmas list. In fact evryones list!!

The Author was writing this book in her early teens and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised that there must be more to follow. The way the story ends just makes you want to read about what happens next?

Harry Potter fans will love it!!

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