Writing Wednesday: Author Interview

B.K. CrawfordAuthor Name: B.K. Crawford

Website: http://themagicquill.wordpress.com

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/authorBKCrawford

Twitter Handle: @AuthBKCRAWFORD

Title of Novel: J.J. Houston: Murder on Moon Street

Q1. How long have you been writing? And what was the first thing you can remember writing?

I’ve been writing since my early teen years. Besides book reports and other school assignments, I started out writing quirky short fables because Aesop’s Fables mesmerized me. I soon discovered poetry and began to write poems on a regular basis.

Q2. Did you always want to be a writer?

From the moment I learned how to read, I knew there was something magical waiting for me as a writer. I couldn’t wait to try my hand at it. Granted, most of what I wrote as a child was childish, grammatically incorrect, and frustratingly incomprehensible, but each experience proved to be a building block and, as time went on, the structure of my writing became more eloquent and defined.

Q3. How did you feel when you were writing this book?

Intimidated. Anxiety ridden. Frightened. That’s how I knew it was the best story to write at the time. I was inundated with feelings of inadequacy, like the story was too close to home for me. I succumbed to the challenge because the story wouldn’t let go. When a character screams at you to buck up and listen, how can you say no?

J.J. Houston: Murder on Moon Street by BK Crawford

Q4. How long did it take to write?

The actual writing took a year and then my editor and I engaged in a few months of revisions, editing, and fine tuning. You know the book is ready for publication when you run your hand over your scalp and come away with a fistful of hair. At that point, it’s time to move on to the next project.

Q5. Do you have a special place where you go to write?

No. I write everywhere. I’ve always regretted those times when I left home without a notebook and pen. The senses are engaged whether we’re sitting lakeside, at a restaurant, or a hospital waiting room, and there’s always a description waiting to be observed, or a line of dialogue begging to be written. You never know when these juicy morsels might pop up, so my advice is to be prepared with your writing tools always at the ready.

Q6. When you begin writing, did you ever think you’d get to where you are now?

Not at all. I expected I’d have a lot more written by now. Life has a way of demanding a writer’s presence, whether we’re deep into chapter fifteen or not. I’ve been side-tracked by health issues, family issues, technical issues, you name it. But the key is to never lay down for too long and guard your writing schedule like a pit bull on steroids. I’m grateful for what I’ve accomplish thus far and am eager to continue the quest.

Thanks so much B.K. Crawford. It sounds like your writing journey is well under way. Here’s to wishing you the best in the future!

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