Author Interview: Blog Takeover

This week’s blog takeover is hosted by the lovely Sally Jane Pitts who’s going to talk about her writing journey. You can visit Sally’s website here, or submit your own guest piece here.

 Sally Jane PittsWhen I think of how to describe my journey into writing, the funny thing is it’s hard to find the words. But I’ll try…

I was 16 years old when I played Zanetto in my school’s version of The Venetian Twins. As I was performing I heard people laughing, (no it wasn’t just my mum and dad!) The audience was in stitches. And I’ll never forget that feeling of making people laugh. It was in that moment I said to myself- ‘this is it, this is what I want to do.’

So my first thought was- I know I’ll become an actor! Yes! That way I can get paid to make people laugh onscreen- easy. Hmmmm. After studying for 2 years, it seemed that roles for women were boring girlfriend or deranged girlfriend. Not funny at all.

I searched for roles that I connected with. But because I’m not deranged (well, most of the time) I could never really find what I was looking for. So I decided to write and produce my own short films. Be the characters I wanted to be.

However, I still felt like something was missing in my life…

I’d written a monologue for myself to perform at an audition, and I read it to mum. She said- maybe you should think about screenwriting. Ok, I thought. Why not? I’m the- ‘why not type.’ Because why not?

Off I went to study professional screenwriting. And after 4 years of studying part-time and working full-time I graduated. Now I was a qualified actor and screenwriter, both completely unsustainable jobs- my dad was happy.

I thought what do I do now? I know- I’ll go to the UK and make it there! Surely I could write, act and work part- time. Hahahahaha.

Well, if I wanted to eat (which I generally like to do) it was obvious I’d have to get a full-time job in whatever I could find. This turned out to be recruitment. I’d never done that but hey- why not?

Working 50 hours a week, I was left with little time and that time was used mostly for travelling. But I still pursued my dream- entering competitions, going to festivals and writing my blog- for two years.

And then something happened whilst blogging- I realised people thought I was funny! I could make made people laugh through my writing! 15 years later I’d found a way to get that feeling. It wasn’t through doing what I first thought. But I finally found it.

Now I write all sorts of funny female characters. That’s my main passion- striving for women to have more diverse voices in films. Because I figure boring and deranged just doesn’t seem to cover the spectrum of female individuality.

It has been an interesting road to get to where I am and at times I thought I was wasting my life in dead-end jobs or just never doing the right thing (whatever that is) but now I know I was on the write path all along 😉

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