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Harry Potter themed afternoon tea in Soho, London: Is the experience worth the hype?

We’ve always been big Harry Potter fans in my family. I was the same age as Harry growing up so the books (and the films) were perfectly timed. So when I was looking for some unique activities for our weekend in London, I knew we had to book a wizard themed afternoon tea.

Cost: £70 for two people – purchased as a voucher through Buyagift where we could use a discount code as this was significantly cheaper than booking direct (which would have been £84).

Was it worth it? Yes

Would I rebook? No

Wizard Afternoon Tea by The Wizard Exploratorium

This is definitely a fun, novelty experience that I’d recommend for those who love wizards and magic, however, be aware that you’re paying for that novelty element and not for food quality…

I’ve visited the Wands and Wizard Exploratorium in Greek Street before as it’s home to Mina Lima, the talented artistic duo responsible for all the graphic design in the Harry Potter franchise.

The afternoon tea experience started with us being introduced to the ‘story’ behind the experience as well as the rules of how it all worked.

We were then given an interactive wand each and needed to incubate the dragon egg on the food stand in order to keep the momma dragon happy.

Our food was delivered and we were left with instructions on what to do next. It took us a while (mainly because the internet was super slow and the instructions were only available digitally) to work out how to open the chest, which unlocked the ingredients for the tea making.

This was my favourite part. Using an array of different dried ingredients and flavoured tinctures, we started making our own concoctions (with varying levels of success). The instructions came with a few recommendations but we decided to make up our own and it was a lot of fun.

We nibbled our way through sandwiches and sweet treats as we drank our way through our made up brews. While making our own tea blends was a lot of fun, the food was okay – slightly stale in some places and just a bit basic, nothing to write home about.

Our final task was to make a specific tea blend that would be blue and then we added a special potion that turned each vial a different colour. It really felt like we were in one of Snape’s potions classes!

So what’s the verdict?

We had a lot of fun at this experience and I’m so glad we chose to do it. I do think £42 per adult is quite steep, especially as the quality of the food isn’t all that so I’m glad we were able to get a discount through Buyagift. And now we’ve done it, I can’t see us doing it again.

If you’re a big Harry Potter fan and looking for something different, it’s worth considering, but there is so much competition in london for a novelty-themed afternoon tea these days.

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