17 of the Most Inspirational Writing Quotes from Female Indie Authors

Originally, I was going to create a post on the most inspirational author quotes, but then I know that’s been done before. It’s not hard to Google author quotes on writing, so I wanted to be a bit more original.

Considering a lot of my work is with Indie authors, and I’m a patron of the self-publishing world, I thought why not ask for quotes from Indie authors? I mean, if you’re looking to self-publish, then who better to get you’re inspiration from?

So, I posted in one of my favourite Facebook groups; Women Writers, Women’s Books and asked the female Indie authors of the world to help. The response was overwhelming, and so here are my favourite quotes from some very inspiring ladies.

To kick things off, I loved this one from Cynthia DeKett:

‘Wouldn’t it be great if dreaming about success was enough? Wake up and smell the coffee! Now drink it and get busy!’

I’m also going to pair each quote with a fun image so feel free to share it on social 🙂

Author quote - Cynthia DeKett

This one I think everyone can resonate with:

‘The only way to get it done is the A.I.C. method (Ass In Chair).’

In fact, I might even go so far as say this one is my favourite! Kathryn Biel definitely knows the struggles of being an author.

Author quote - Kathryn Kopach Biel

I’ve worked with Leslie Bratspis in the past and she’s a really inspirational lady:

“Reading is to a writer, what practicing scales is to a musician. If you want to become a writer, you must read – a lot!”

And you can tell she knows what she’s talking about. In fact, I did an interview with her last year.

Author quote - Leslie Bratspis

This next one from Vaness Newman really hits the nail on the head:

“If the writing is too easy, you may not be pouring your heart and soul into it. Keep rewriting until it ‘feels’ complete.”

Writing really isn’t easy and sometimes the most satisfying piece of work is the one that was the hardest.

Author quote - Vanessa Newman

Bryana Beecham picks up on an important lesson for those new to writing:

“Don’t write for the market, writer for your readers. It’s not about writing a best-seller, it’s about sharing something that can touch hearts and shift minds.”

It can sometimes be easy to forget why you write and get caught up in the desire to be number 1, but that’s not what writing is about.

Author quote - Bryana Beecham

When you next try to describe the difficulties of being a writer, think about what Paula Henderson has to say:

“The words come to you. You don’t go to them.”

I think this embodies the spirit of writing so well, I might have to use it in future!

Author quote - Paula Henderson

Cynthia Michaels has a great tip for characterisation:

“Listen and watch. Observing is the best way to learn to make your characters well rounded and believable.”

And she’s exactly right, how else will you learn?

Author quote - Cynthia Michaels

I’m with Julie Merwin on this one:

“I like character flaws, obsessions, quirks, the things that get people into trouble. Perfect people don’t interest me.”

And why would they?

Author quote - Julie Merwin

When you next find someone getting on your nerves, just think of this quote from Jana Brown:

“Piss me off – I dare you. I need a redshirt for my next book”

You never want to annoy a writer if you can help it, you just don’t know what they might do.

Author quote - Jana Stocks Brown

If you need a confidence booster, Linda Adams has you covered:

“Never put down your writing either verbally (“my writing is crap”) or submitting to free publications. It subconsciously tells your creative spirit you don’t think it’s good enough.”

This is an important lesson for many writers; have faith in yourself.

Author quote - Linda Adams

Niklki Dee has got enough faith in herself to inspire us all:

“I truly believe that if I love what I write, then a stranger will love it. That is enough.”

If only we could all be this confident…

Author quote - Nikki Dee

Stephanie Bretherton seems to understand the true importance of an editor:

“Work with a professional independent editor! Look carefully, use a consultancy that can match your style, themes and genre to the right editor. Make sure they have the right credentials. This will be the best research that you do. then take a deep breath, listen, and don’t be discouraged by extra work.”

Obviously as an editor, i completely agree. It can make a big difference to a manuscript.

Author quote - Stephanie Bretherton

If you’re unfamiliar with the struggles of editing, then Sheila Myers has you covered:

“I hate the book I’m writing. That’s why I continue to edit it.”

It’s amazing what the editing process can do to a raw manuscript.

Author quote - Sheila Myers

Terri Nixon understands the importance of an author network:

“If you think you’re in competition with other authors, you’re writing the wrong books.”

I think this one is an important lesson that can be interpreted in a number of ways.

Author quote - Terri Nixon

To keep your inspiration and motivation going, Jenny O’Brien has what we need:

“Good writers know there are no rules when it comes to writing. The best books break all the rules…”

This is one of my favourites here because she really does hit the nail on the head.

Author quote - Author quote - Jana Stocks Brown

For me, Melissa Baldwin has hit on a comical, but sadly realistic element of writing:

“If you want to find out who your true friends are – write a novel.”

Boy is she right.

Author quote - Melissa Baldwin

Finally, to end on a high note from S. Usher Evans:

“If you write anything, you’re a writer.”

And isn’t that just the truth.

Author quote - S. Usher Evans

I hope you’re feeling motivated and inspired by all these lovely ladies! Whether you’re starting out in the writing world, or you’ve been a part of it for as long as you can remember, it’s important to remember that writing is about being part of a community where authors and writers from all backgrounds can share support and wisdom.

Before I sign off this post, I want to share my own little nugget of advice.

“Having faith in yourself as a writer is sometimes the hardest part. But, ultimately, that’s what defines you from the rest.”

Author quote - Natasha Orme

That’s all from me this week.

Happy writing!

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