The 2020 Mince Pie Taste Test: Who Does the Best Mince Pie?

The tree is up. The decorations are out. And the gifts are wrapped. It’s a rainy December afternoon and all I want is a mince pie with a cup of tea.

I won’t lie. I start eating mince pies in October – it’s never too early, right? And every year, there’s the ‘who does the best mince pie’ debate. So this year, with the help of my friend Hannah, I decided to put high street brands to the test.

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That Time I Petted a Cheetah: Getting Up Close and Personal with Cheetah Outreach

I remember once at school when the hockey team did a tour in South Africa and had the opportunity to pet a cheetah. It’s something I’ve wanted to do ever since.

So when we were planning our SA trip, I was looking for a charity that supported these incredible animals and discovered Cheetah Outreach an hour outside of the city in Franschoek*.

It was definitely one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had.


24 (Modern) Books Everyone Should Read at Least Once

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Books. They make the world go round. And there’s so much I love about a great read. Nothing beats curling up on a rainy weekend with a cup of tea and a good book.

I’ve seen endless lists of ‘books you need to read in this lifetime’ and while they always included the standard classics such as Austen and Dickens, I wanted to take a more modern approach.

This list is a collection from my own shelves. Of some of my favourite reads. And some of the most important. How many have you read?

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Hotel Review: Ikhaya Safari Lodge, Cape Town

Our trip to South Africa was nothing short of amazing. During our two weeks, we stayed in two different hotels and an AirBnB villa.

The first hotel was a Radisson Blu in a half-decent location but nothing all that special – although I did love their breakfast buffet. The AirBnB villa we shared with some friends, and was a great choice for our last few days.

Our second hotel, however, was really something special; Ikhaya Safari Lodge.

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Adventuring in South Africa: 11 Must-Do Activities

South Africa isn’t somewhere I’d ever considered visiting. When we learned out friends were getting married in Cape Town, we definitely wanted to be there to celebrate and so found ourselves planning the ultimate SA trip.

As our first time in South Africa, we’d received tons of recommendations of things to do and places to see. But with only 2 weeks and a wedding to go to, we were definitely short on time – is 2 weeks ever enough?!


What I Learned When My Boarding House Burned Down

When I was 16, my boarding house caught fire during some renovations which took away a whole dorm, and most of the roof. Thankfully, no-one was hurt; it was the Easter holidays and the school was empty.

I remember being at home, sat on my bed when I got the phone call. I’m not sure who it was that phoned me – I think it was a friend – and they told me it was all gone. The flames were literally coming from the roof of my dormitory.

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My City Guide: Oslo in 48 Hours

If you ever get chance to explore Scandinavia, you’ve got to go by train. Not only is it a really inexpensive and easy way to travel, but it’s an amazing opportunity to see the landscape. We added Oslo to our Scandinavian tour as our third and final option and boy was that a great decision – especially when we’d been toying with the idea of going to Helsinki instead.

We arrived in Oslo via the 5-hour high-speed train from Stockholm and checked into the Comfort Xpress. The hotel was quirky and modern, and in a great location; it was the perfect choice. Once we’d dropped our suitcases and freshened up, we ventured out to explore nearby and grab some food.

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8 Things to do in Stockholm on a Budget

Scandinavia is renowned for being expensive. But you shouldn’t let that put you off. No matter where you go, there will always budget activities, food choices and travel options. So to help you enjoy Stockholm, I’ve pulled together a list of 8 activities that are super budget friendly; totalling £40. How can you argue with that?

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Shopping for My Wedding Dress (+ Top Tips)

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll know I’m getting married next year – eek! While I’ve been keeping wedding chat to a minimum, I’ve had quite a few of you tell me you want to hear more. So I’m going to pull together some – hopefully – useful guides.

First up: shopping for my wedding dress.

Not gonna lie – this was stressful. Not because the actual shopping experience was stressful, but because holy s#*! I’m getting married. It was a realisation moment. Sure, we’d sorted our venue and a bunch of other suppliers, but all of a sudden I needed to make big decisions without Lee by my side to talk things through. And we talk about everything.

So first up, I had to decide where on earth I was going to start looking…

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6 Things You Need to Try in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is an amazing city to visit. Initially, it was just a stop off point for us to get to Stockholm and Oslo, and we seriously underestimated how much fun we’d have there.

Originally a Viking fishing village, Copenhagen became Denmark’s capital in the early 15th century and is now home to nearly 800,000 people. What I love most about it is how small it is – while using a foreign city’s public transport is always an interesting experience, I actually love cities that are small enough to walk everywhere (and if you’re not a fan of walking, Copenhagen is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world).

It’s a colourful, vibrant, welcoming city and was named Lonely Planet’s number 1 city to visit in 2019. We instantly fell in love with the place and I will definitely be going back!