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As John continues his mission to find the rest of the Garde, he teams up with Nine to come up with a new plan to stop the Mogadorians from destroying Earth. It looks like the only option is to find Six and Seven who have been fighting in Spain and help the to find Number Eight in India.


WRLoW Star Rating

WRLoW Star RatingWRLoW Star RatingWRLoW Star Rating



If you know me, you may have already heard me sing praises for this author, and those of you who have never heard of him – I suggest you familiar yourselves pretty sharpish.

Rise of Nine by Pittacus Lore

What amazes me most is the talent and capability of this author – yes I know he is in fact a culmination of two ghost writers – and how he is able to write such stunning stories.

This is the third book in one of my favourite series. I discovered the first one after watching the film, by chance, and discovering it was based on a book. I fell in love with the film and immediately purchased the book. The first and second books were incredible and so when I got my hands on this one, I was apprehensive as I wasn’t sure whether the story would be able to be maintained so well.

I think what I loved most about this book in particular is that each chapter is like a delicious meal. I’m hungry for more but satisfied to take my time and savour what there is. Now this has never happened to me before, I’m always a speed reader if I can be and will aim to finish a book as quick as possible. If it’s a good one, I can be known to finish in a day or two (during my younger years) or a couple of days (in more modern times). This book however had me enjoying every page without feeling the need that I must read it as quickly as possible. Interesting, isn’t it?

I’m not sure what makes it so good. The story is certainly amazing, and I really liked how we’re now starting to get to know the other characters in the group. The fact that we see their viewpoint is great and it’s building up for some epic adventure. The change in font is a great addition too as it allows you to recognise a different viewpoint and I think it also makes it easier to single out each character.

Now I’m not normally one for sci-fi, which may sound strange – yes I will read anything – but I wouldn’t note it as a firm favourite. So when I found myself hooked on this series, I was pleasantly surprised. It may have something to do with the movie, it may not.

I think the characters are diverse and charming. As a reader you’re given a clear picture of what is happening. There aren’t too many weird alien things that you start to feel this is unreal but you can read it in the same way you might read The Hunger Games.

I really loved the backstory, the mission and the multitude of characters that we meet along the way. I even enjoyed the change in perspective although I always felt disappointed when it abruptly changed.  Although the first will probably remain my favourite, I can’t wait to continue the series and find out whether they make it or not.

If you’re looking for an adventure story that’s unlike anything else, then I think you should give this a try – it doesn’t matter that it’s YA, it’s literally amazing.

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