Why Should You Stick to a Blogging Schedule?

Organising a blogging schedule can perhaps be a little daunting. It’s a fine line between managing it effectively and biting off more than you can chew. It’s also an entirely different for different people.

New blogs:

If you’re a recently established blogger, it may be tempting to pump your site full of content, but that isn’t going to work in your favour. Setting up a couple of starter posts is a good idea, but aspiring to blog every day and then after a few weeks not blogging at all has the potential to damage your searchability in Google.

Keeping a blogging schedule will allow you to keep on track. Here’s mine:

Monday = New blog post

Wednesday = Author interview/Author guest post

Friday = Book review

The secret to a blogging schedule is consistent and persistent blogging. Sometimes I find myself with four articles all lined up and waiting to go, but if I was to cram them into one week, I would never have time to do that other important stuff…like social media.

Writing in advance is the only way to get your blogging done really, and it will also enable you to set up a routine.

Veteran blogs:

It’s a great way to expand your empire and focus your talents a little more, take a look at some of my points below.

So why should you have a blogging schedule?

  1. Sticking to the schedule will mean you’re posting on a regular basis which not only means the site is live, but also means that Google can rank it better. A steady stream of content will always work in your favour. If you don’t believe me then take a look at some of these expert tips from Marketing Profs on common blogging mistakes.
  2. If you’re working to a regular schedule, you can coordinate yourself better. Say you spend two hours on Monday putting together this week’s post – you can spend the rest of the day and even the rest of the week promoting the post as well as your older stuff. Blogging is the combined effort of writing and marketing.
  3. If you’ve planned an actual blogging schedule, you can coordinate your posts. Maybe a series on blogging tips, or a series on how to write better – with a bit of imagination, you can get people coming back to your site time and time again.
  4. Planning a little can help you expand too. Sporadic blogging isn’t going to cut it. If you find yourself easily blogging once a week, then up the pace a little – fit it into your schedule and open a new feature.

There you have it. Four very good reasons why you should have a blogging schedule. What do you think? Have I missed something important or do you disagree with me completely?

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