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Nicola Connolly’s dreams have started again but this time she is the target. Deciding to investigate, to hunt rather than be hunted, she makes a startling discovery. Tom Hudson, meanwhile, has troubles of his own – Sean White is missing and one of his colleagues has been brutally murdered. Is there a link between the two? Reluctantly, Tom decides to ask Nicola for help. Can they find Sean before he becomes the killer’s next victim?





As an avid reader of Valerie Keogh, I couldn’t wait to read this one. And I was definitely not disappointed. Nicola is a firm favourite of mine and throughout the previous books, we’ve seen a development in character which I’ve really enjoyed. This book only went on to highlight her changes and brought in to play a conflict that we haven’t seen before. I loved it.

Tom is also a great character and I love the complexities here of his relationship with Sean, and the unwanted relationship with Nicola.

Throughout the book, we see a number of different cases unfold and I really enjoyed the overlapping storylines. Keogh has a good skill for creating one storyline, introducing another and then another and mixing them up, whilst being able to give you the viewpoint of multiple characters and yet not lose you as a reader either.

Valerie KeoghFor me, the best part of this book was seeing the human side of Nicola and as always with Keogh’s books, I wasn’t disappointed with the action. There is a good mix of character, emotion and story to drive the events forwards.

I don’t want to give the story away, so I’ll talk about the first few chapters. One of the things I love most about Keogh’s writing style is not only is she able to write a great story, she has this knack for causing shivers. Whether it’s gross or genuinely disturbing, Keogh is brilliant. The first few chapters here did just that and had me almost retching at one point because it was so creepy. But so great at the same time!

When it comes to finding the ideal crime thriller, I love a book that entertains and surprises.

I also admire how this book is able to do both whilst defying conventions with openly gay characters. Not only does she embraces the sexuality of her characters but she puts them centre stage. Although homosexuality shouldn’t be that much of an issue, modern stigma means that it is often stereotyped and flaunted unnecessarily. Keogh beautifully includes gay characters that you can instantly love.

I really enjoyed this read and felt it led on wonderfully from her previous novels. Nicola is a well-written character and very unique. She has great class, weird habits and a murderous streak, making her the ideal main character in a crime series. Tom is also a brilliant, and a character who is very realistic, down-to-earth and relatable which adds a nice balance to the narrative.

I would highly recommend reading this latest instalment of Nicola’s journey, and for £2.38, I’d say that was a bargain. You buy it here.

Or better yet, you could read the whole series. See what I have to say about her other novels!

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