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When 23-year old Lizzie drops everything to work for some remote VIP billionaires, life isn’t quite what she expected. She’s officially fallen down the rabbit hole but will smuggling a million dollars make or break her?


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This book was a whirlwind. I think that’s the easiest way to put it. I absolutely loved it, that’s for sure. What I really loved most was the tone of the book. The conversational and easy-going style that it’s written in. It flows well, takes you places and makes you feel like you’re having a coffee with a long lost friend.

For a start, I’m awed by how one woman has done so much in short space of time, but for me, the beginnings of the book hit a strong chord. I grew up in a different country and experienced a similar (although perhaps not so extreme) wild childhood, running amuck and getting into mischief. Travel has always been an intrinsic part of my life, something which is a core theme running throughout this book.

I think what I had to keep reminding myself was that this woman has actually done what I’m reading about. This isn’t a made up story, some extreme adventure. This was very real life for someone and not that long ago either. I admired the guts this writer had, especially when it came to dissecting her own personality.

Moving on from the admiration side of things, I really enjoyed this story and for a long book, it didn’t take me very long to read. In fact I couldn’t put it down on my flight to New York and finished it off in the airport – much to the annoyance of The Lover. Every time I looked up from my electronic pages, I couldn’t believe I was actually in this normal environment – I was being sucked into the world of Xamnesia.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it was a great read and unlike anything I think I’ve ever read before. The journey this author goes through to tell you her story is amazing and awe inspiring and I think it also makes you think about yourself too, and makes your grateful for what you have.

Thanks so much for sharing your story Lizzie.

You can buy Lizzie’s book here.


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  1. Kristin 5th July 2016 at 6:10 am Reply

    Agree fully. It’s a fantastic read!

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