My Favourite Hotels on the Las Vegas Strip

Helloooo Vegas! The excitement I had for this trip was really off the charts. We’d been planning for months, had booked activities, bought tickets and had an itinerary like no other (coming soon!)

Having never been to the glitz and glamour that is Vegas, my mind was literally blown by just how much there is to take in.

Driving down the strip on our first day had me mesmerised.

Whether you’re planning a trip or have been before, here’s a list of my favourite hotels on the strip.

The Bellagio

It’s not a trip to Vegas without the Bellagio. Iconic for so many reasons, I’d dreamed of seeing those fountains for so long.

Not only did we visit the hotel, but actually stayed the night – my Christmas present from Lee – and we were not disappointed.

If I was to describe this hotel in one word, it would have to be luxurious. Everything everywhere screams opulent luxury.

We spent an afternoon lounging by the pool, went shopping and finally checked into our room. It was gorgeous, with a huge bathroom (including both bath and a separate shower) covered in marble and gold, a giant bed and one heck of a view from the window.

If you’re interested, read my Bellagio Hotel Review.

The Venetian

Probably another of the iconic Vegas activities – a Gondola ride.

This is one of the more expensive activities on the strip, but I personally loved every second. You can choose between an indoor or outdoor canal and the ride lasts approximately 15 minutes – not as much bang for your buck compared to Venice.

Our gondalier was actually Venetian – a nice touch – and had a great singing voice. He serenaded us as we leisurely glided along the indoor canal and, quite frankly, the whole experience was surreal. For starters, it didn’t feel like we were indoors at all. The false ceiling and beautifully decorated ‘streets’ were incredible.

The Venetian was also probably my favourite hotel; there was loads to do, endless streets of shops, eateries, bars and things to do. We could have easily spent days just wandering the streets of ‘Venice’.


Paris is a must-visit hotel, mainly so you can go up the replica Eiffel Tower. It has – hands down – the best view of the strip.

Originally, they wanted the tower to be a life-size replica but due to the proximity to the airport, it just wouldn’t have worked, so instead it’s exactly half the size. Tickets are fairly reasonable but it can sometimes close due to weather, especially if it’s windy.

Not only do you get an amazing view of the strip, but you also have one of the best views of the Bellagio. We went up during the day but I imagine it would also be pretty impressive at nighttime.

The Stratosphere

I’m going to add the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino on this list for only one reason; it’s where we stayed for the whole two weeks. The price for the hotel was amazing, it had two pools, a few good places to eat, a Starbucks, free parking and wasn’t as overwhelmingly big as some of the other casinos.

The location was a bit tricky as it was the last stop on the strip which did make things a bit of a challenge. We mainly used Uber to get to where we wanted to be, but we did rack up a bit of a bill doing it this way. Considering the price of the hotel was so cheap and the rooms had been recently renovated, it was a pretty good choice.

It also has one of the best views from the top of the tower where you can enjoy a cocktail or two, have some food and if you’re a thrill-seeker, go on a few rides that will give you heart palpitations and more. (Did I mention that entry up to the top is super cheap if you’re staying at the hotel?)


I love ancient Egypt. I find it fascinating. So you won’t be surprised to see the Luxor on my list of favourites. It’s definitely hard to miss and i love the beam of light that comes out the top of the pyramid at night like a homing beacon.

Not only is the theme for this hotel incredible – complete with a giant sphynx and obelisk – it has some great entertainment options, including the Blue Man Group – and when we were there – the Titanic Exhibition and the Bodies Exhibition.

It’s not the biggest hotel around but it’s definitely worth a visit.

Plus, if you hang around after a Blue Man show, you might get lucky enough to meet one of the performers.

Caesars Palace

Funny story…we actually managed to get lost and locked in Ceasar’s Palace one evening which was perhaps one of the more stressful moments of our trip.

After being exhausted from our day, and having walked what felt like a thousand miles in just one day, we thought we’d take a short cut and head out of the hotel via the shops. But these exits are closed at a more respectable hour (and are definitely not left open until 12.30 in the AM).

However, this did give us the perfect opportunity to explore the hotel, discover some crazy fountains and have a selfie with a winged horse…because what else would you do?

So I’ve got to give Ceasar’s Palace 10 out of 10 for theme and the level of detail on every street, every shop front and round every corner; I’d never seen anything like it.

So there you have it…my 6 favourite hotels on the strip. I could have so easily listed every hotel because, quite frankly, there wasn’t a hotel I didn’t like. And each one was completely unique, absolutely mind-blowing and beyond anything I could have ever expected. Only in Vegas, right?

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*may be slightly tipsy in this photo. I can’t remember if this was before or after I befriended a giant Hershey’s Kisses

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