St Lucia

St Lucia The Caribbean

St Lucia: The Ultimate Segway Experience + Reduit Beach

St Lucia was the 4th stop on our Caribbean cruise and I really didn’t know what to expect. What we found was a stunning, luscious landscape and super friendly locals.

We stepped off the boat in the morning, ready to be whisked away for our day’s activity. A minibus was waiting to take us to LucianStyle Experiences where we would try our hand at riding a Segway for the first time.

On the way, our Rastafarian tour guide regularly stopped the bus to tell us about the island and their famous plantain bananas. His enthusiasm was intoxicating and his knowledge was impressive. He shared his passion for the natural world and whenever we stopped, he’d collect plants and seeds to show us.

We arrived at LucianStyle Experiences where the rest of our tour guides were waiting to greet us. After a short lesson on how to ride a Segway, followed by a few test laps, we were off!