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St Lucia: The Ultimate Segway Experience + Reduit Beach

St Lucia was the 4th stop on our Caribbean cruise and I really didn’t know what to expect. What we found was a stunning, luscious landscape and super friendly locals.

We stepped off the boat in the morning, ready to be whisked away for our day’s activity. A minibus was waiting to take us to LucianStyle Experiences where we would try our hand at riding a Segway for the first time.

On the way, our Rastafarian tour guide regularly stopped the bus to tell us about the island and their famous plantain bananas. His enthusiasm was intoxicating and his knowledge was impressive. He shared his passion for the natural world and whenever we stopped, he’d collect plants and seeds to show us.

We arrived at LucianStyle Experiences where the rest of our tour guides were waiting to greet us. After a short lesson on how to ride a Segway, followed by a few test laps, we were off!

Our off-road Segway experience

We left the car park and carefully crossed a few roads before we were flying along a gravel path that steadily climbed higher and higher.

Having never ridden a Segway before, I was a little apprehensive. And hadn’t anticipated it being so easy! All it took was a slight adjustment in my balance. But what truly amazed me was how our guides whizzed up and down our single file convoy, spinning, jumping, and leaving a trail of dust behind them.

We made it to our first viewpoint where a water station was set up for us. It was a hot day and we were keen to rehydrate. After having our fill, we snapped some photos of the stunning scenery. There was greenery for as far as the eye could see and the glistening water below separated us from the next headland.

Keen to see more of the island, we hopped back on the Segways to our next viewpoint. The track got steeper, with tight corners where our guides showed us how to lean so we didn’t fall off. And this time when we stopped, we could see right across Rodney Bay to Pigeon Island, a 44-acre islet joined to the mainland by a man-made causeway.

At this stop, we took a break from being on the Segways and the tour guides took photos of the different groups and families with the bay in the background. From this vantage point we could see clearly across the bay, and all the colourful umbrellas of those enjoying the sunshine on Reduit Beach.

It wasn’t long before we needed to head back to the tour office. And once we’d dismounted and said our goodbyes, we were back in the minibus to see more of the island. We drove down quiet residential streets and back alleys until we came to a small tin shack selling bowls of fruit.

While the rest of our group crowded round, we were much more interested in the white sand you could just about see on the other side of the road. Stepping off the tarmac, you were immediately transported into another world. It looked like paradise. An old boat pulled up onto the side to our right and golden sands stretching as far as we could see. The water was the brightest blue and looked so inviting.

Swapping Segways for Reduit Beach

Our final stop of the day was at St Lucia’s Yacht Club where we had sole usage of the member’s only club. The second storey of a water-facing property on Reduit Beach, the Yacht Club had a breezy, relaxed vibe and overlooked a large portion of the beach.

We dropped our stuff of at the Yacht Club and went for a swim in the gorgeous blue water we’d seen from afar all day. Once in the water, the sand became less fine and a few metres out, the ground fell away to leave you floating in the ocean.

After getting hot and dusty from the Segway ride, it was amazing to cool off in the sea. We relaxed and bobbed in the water, allowing the current to take us a little further out each time.

Getting out of the sea, we weaved between the colourful umbrellas as we made our way back to the Yacht Club for some food and drinks before getting changed into dry clothes and heading back to the boat.

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