Protecting my mental health during lockdown

It’s been a strange year. Lockdown 1.0 was so foreign, and so novel, it was bearable. I mean, aside from the crippling anxiety that came from watching the numbers increase every day and thinking it would never end. But the weather was nice. So despite everything else, there was sunshine when we got up in the morning, and long evenings you could enjoy in the garden, if you were lucky enough to have one. (And a lot of positivity.)

Lockdown 2.0 came but somehow that didn’t feel all too surprising. The numbers had been rising again, and other countries had gone into national lockdowns, but Christmas was just around the corner. It didn’t matter that the days were darker and wetter, Christmas lights were going up and with any luck, we’d be able to see family really soon to exchange gifts.

And that’s kinda where it all went wrong…