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8 Things to do in Stockholm on a Budget

Scandinavia is renowned for being expensive. But you shouldn’t let that put you off. No matter where you go, there will always budget activities, food choices and travel options. So to help you enjoy Stockholm, I’ve pulled together a list of 8 activities that are super budget friendly; totalling £40. How can you argue with that?

Visit city hall

Cost: free

Stockholm’s City Hall is right on the water and has some incredible views of the city. You can have a look around the grounds, explore the courtyard and enjoy the beautifully maintained gardens for free. There’s no limit to how much time you can spend here, and it’s a really peaceful place.

Take a walk to the public library

Cost: free

If you’re not a book lover, this one might not be as appealing. But visiting a city’s library is often a great activity for a number of reasons:

  1. It’s free
  2. It’s normally architecturally impressive
  3. It’s normally in a great central location
  4. It’s normally pretty impressive

So even if you’re not a book nerd like me, visiting Stockholm’s public library could still be a great option. It’s a lovely walk through a different area of the city (compared to my other activities) and is really close to a whole bunch of amazing-looking eateries and shops.

Meet the palace guards

Cost: free

If you’re working to a budget, this is another activity you can tick off your bucket list. While you can pay to go inside the palace, you can still explore outside. And if you’re lucky, you may even be able to get a photo with one of the palace guards.


Cost: free

Whether it’s summer or winter, Kungsträdgården is a wonderful space worth a visit. Located in downtown Stockholm, Kungsträdgården is a public park known for hosting summer concerts and a winter ice skating rink. Cafes and restaurants are dotted around the park and it has a great atmosphere.

Vasa Museum

Cost: £15pp

A short tram ride from Kungsträdgården is the Vasa Museum where you can see a 17th century warship that was rescued from the seabed. It’s one of Sweden’s most popular museums and I guarantee you’ll have seen nothing like it. The huge warship is mostly intact and incredible to look at.

Walk around Old Town

Cost: free

Gamla Stan is famous for its narrow, cobbled streets and brightly coloured buildings. It’s one of the largest and best-preserved medieval cities in Europe. In fact, you could easily spend all day exploring the winding streets of Old Town and never get bored. Everything from cafes, bars and restaurants, to ice cream shops, souvenirs and handicrafts, you’ll never get bored.

This was actually one of my favourite activities and I wish we’d spent more time here as there was just so much to see.

Nobel Prize Museum

Cost: £12

And while you’re visiting the Old Town, why not stop by the Nobel Prize museum? Journey through history and learn about the different Nobel Prize winners and how they’ve contributed to the modern world. This museum is incredible and wonderfully interactive. It really brings the Nobel Prize to life.

Eat at Phil’s Burger

Cost: £7-£13pp (inc. fries and a drink)

Once you’ve done all your sightseeing, I would highly recommend stopping for food at Phil’s Burger. There are a few different locations around the city, and you won’t be disappointed. Think upscale Five Guys with cheaper food. The restaurants have a rustic industrial vibe about them and the food is amazing.

So there you have it: 8 things to do in Stockholm for £40. Who said travel had to be expensive?

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